LMASA offers an array of services tailored to both our members and the wider community. With a focus on fostering unity and nurturing the faith of our youth, we organize diverse Islamic study sessions. Additionally, we extend compassionate funeral services to our members and actively engage in charitable endeavours to uplift those in need.

Islamic Funeral Services

Provided to Our Members

Our funeral services ensure that proper norms and traditions are upheld throughout the burial process, offering high-quality Muslim burial services in South Australia. Our experienced, compassionate, and professional team is dedicated to supporting you and your family during this challenging time, striving to make the process as stress-free as possible.

Islamic Studies

Provided through various schools and classes.

We aim to instil our traditions, values, and norms in the next generation, ensuring they carry them forward into the future. Through our efforts to educate children and youth in Islamic traditions, we strive to foster continuous growth and positive change. If you’re interested in enrolling your children or teenagers in Islamic studies, please reach out to us today to learn about our classes and schedule a session. We would be delighted to assist you.

Charity Work

Support different charity orgainzation

We collaborate with various charitable organizations that share our values and are dedicated to aiding those in need. Explore the organizations we endorse, and consider supporting their noble causes as well. If you wish to contribute to our organization, please click below to make a donation. We wholeheartedly welcome any assistance in furthering our mission.

Social Services

Different social services to support communities.

LMASA works to provide various social services like legal clinic, medical clinic, immigration help, refugee rehabilitation, youth work and so on. In addition to this we also organize community gathering to build unity and brotherhood among various communities. Contact us to know more about our different social services programs and take part on them.