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Lebanese Community in South Australia

Welcome to the official website of the Lebanese Muslim Society of South Australia (LMASA). As a fervent and committed non-profit organisation, our mission is to foster a positive impact within our community. We invite you to align with our noble cause by becoming a member, participating in our community events, or advocating for our campaigns. Let us collaboratively cultivate a more robust and compassionate society.


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Our Story 

Our Community

Our Future.


Discover the heart behind our organization: Our Community, Our Future. Delve into the inspiration that sparked our formation, uncover our journey, and explore our aspirations. For a deeper understanding of who we are and the impact we aim to make, visit our story section. Click the button below to embark on our narrative.

Funeral Services

LMASA provides funeral support through being members and makes sure that we follow our customs and traditions.


LMASA works to encourage children learn the Islamic Studies and does so by organising various schools.

Charity Events

LMASA organises various charity events to support various humanitarian causes around the world.

Our Causes

What We Do

LMASA stands firmly committed to assisting those in need across various areas, including the refugee crisis, healthcare, education, empowerment, and career development. Count on LMASA to wholeheartedly support these causes and make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Refugee Rehabilitation






Islamic studies


funeral services

Support Us

We always welcome helping hands for the cause.

We extend a warm welcome to individuals willing to contribute to our cause. Your support, in any capacity, is highly valued. Whether you possess a specific skill set, can dedicate time, or choose to provide financial assistance, every form of support is significant. No contribution is deemed small, as each effort contributes to our shared objective of building a better future.

LMA - Lebanese Muslim Association

Lebanese Muslim Association is the non profit organisation that LMASA is a part of and operates as a sister organisation.

ASA – Adelaide Sister Association

ASA works to help people in need specially in refugees rehabilitation and raising awareness to world issues affecting millions.

ISSA – Islamic Society of South Australia

ISSA works to bring diverse islamic groups together, build a community in South Australia.

Human Appeal

Human appeal works on humanitarian support of people in need on islamic countries around the world.


Contribute to a campaign from our friends.

Participate in campaigns organised by our affiliated partners. LMASA actively endorses and collaborates with organisations dedicated to making a significant impact in assisting those in need, sharing common values and ideals. Your contribution to this shared cause is indispensable in shaping the better future we aspire to create.

Learn how to get involved

Discover how you can actively participate in our mission to empower the Lebanese Muslim community of South Australia. LMASA, a non-profit organization, provides diverse opportunities for engagement. Whether through membership, involvement in community events, or advocacy for our initiatives, you can contribute to our shared vision of fostering a resilient and caring society. Join LMASA now and become an integral part of our journey towards positive change.